I am who, Who I am !

Who are you !
A men A women
Does it matter, what does matter,
A human
For whom it matters,
You try, you search
Whom you find
I doubt
You find A mirror,
Mirror who shows
As you are,
Not inside
So where you find yourself,
You close all the inner door long back
Now you are you
As world made you
As socity made you
As you want
Inner you
Let him sleep
Otherwise again he tries some revolution
Why bother world
So I am who,Who I am

Hope !

One day all will be good,

One day there will be sun only for you,

One day your hard work will be paid,

One day you get your love,

One day the morning will be happy, the evening will be peaceful,

One day nobody is there to humiliate you,

One day……

When is the One day,

When the wait is done,

When I have Not all, but a little bit….

I am pray for that Day…

God give me that One day, only for one day,

But please let me feel Alive for One day.