Fun in the life #13

We read books, and my son sees pictures and asks me when he has doubts( he has only doubts🀣) so today he got the animal book.

My Son: why the elephant is a wild animal. ( Dumbo is a cute one).

Me: Of course he is cute, But when he gets angry, he becomes dangerous. At that time his big feet or trunk can heart human. So it is a wild animal.

My Son: So elephant is cute but when angry he became dangerous.

Me: Right

My Son: amma you are the wild human. when you are happy, you are cute but when you are angry you become dangerous.

Me: Ohh you got it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If something happens with you, do share. Keep enjoying life😊😊

Can you play with me Amma, For Two minute….

When I planed to start writing, there is all different topic in my mind, but as soon as I start, my little one came and said this words to me and then I ended up here πŸ™‚ .

This is the most adorable words which my son says to me always, yes always. I am full time Mother and still my son says to me, can you imagine when he got chance to say that words. I can help, when I cook, when I am cleaning, when I am bathing πŸ˜‰ , when I pic my phone or when ever I about to start something, after all day of playing with him and the moment I about to start he come to me and with his beautiful smile he says

Can you play with me Amma, For two minute, only for two minute please. And trust me when he says this to me, I can’t resist I immediately stop everything and start playing with him. It happens lots of time in a day but I keep enjoying this. I know he is growing fast (as I feel πŸ˜‰ ) and one day he is a big boy, then I am going to miss this tiny winy cute pai.

My mother used to talk about how was I am, when I was kid. she has all my sweet memories but after started my schooling she does not have any thing, whenever i ask she has simple answer that then you become big girl. she has memories, about my schooling achievement but no more that naughty girl moment.

That is the reason I don’t want to miss my son innocent time, the time which is with me always. Yes i do remember his all big things but whenever I site alone and try to remember then the first face is this one with cute smile, naughty eyes and one simple line “Amma can you play with me only for two minute” and after saying this his next line ” And you don’t count the minute” πŸ™‚ .

I never get this innocence again, I just want to live in the moment, i don’t want capture everything in the camera I want to capture in my eyes, in my memory. that’s the way I want to enjoy my Motherhood.

Being a mother, home maker and a women, who wants to achieve something, Some time its really difficult to manage the time, but when I look outside, there are mothers who taking care of kids, office , home everything and then I think I can do it at least I can try. I don’t want to be perfect I just want to be mother.

I always suggest to every new mother or going to mother, enjoy every single moment of motherhood it will never come again, if you miss it, then it’s gong forever. yes we are busy in our life, jobs, responsibilities but still we can get some time, the little one don’t ask for hours, they ask for some moment to laugh and play with you. so just get some time not all day only some time, sit with them and see how cute, how innocent they are, see their views for life, for world, you will be amaze or laugh but trust me my friend you will not lose any thing you will get something, something precious.

I have a lot to say, for me its never ending topic but my monkey wont allow to me, so simple get your best moment with your kid and enjoy every single moment of life.

Enjoying every moment with the toddler.