My first Hindi poem… Duri

Hum sath hai
Raat din subha shaam
Hum sath hai
Tum office ke kaam me
Mai ghar ke sath mashgul
Hum sath hote hai table par
Par TV.. bacha.. bi sath hai
Hum har paal sath hai
COVID ne humra sath or bi bada Diya
Ab to charo pahar hum sath hai
Phir…. Phir bi wahi shikayat…
Phir bi wahi kasmkash…
Muje tumhara sath Mila
Par waqakt nhi
Tum dekh sakti par kha kuch nhi sakti
Tum sath hokar bi door ho
Tum ho mere aas pass
Par awaz dekar kuch kha nhi sakti
Ab to phone bi nhi ki puch lo
Aaj kab aauge
Mere sath hi ho
Par Is sath me wo sath khi chot gaya
Wo intazaar khi chala gaya
Ab to baat karne ko kuch nhi
Par bhut kuch khna hai
Shikayte hai, shikwa hai
Par khne ko shabd khi kho gaye
Jane kyu is sath se wo apnapaan khi kho gaya
Kese kho tumse ki
Aaj mai tumhe dekh choo sakti hu
Par kuch kha nhi sakti
Jaane kyu……..

2022 !

Happy New Year?

With 2020 and 2021 said it….

Now you are here

They both came with corona

You came with omicron

They taught us a lot

With you, we are New

As you are even, that gives we are even

How about in this time you end this game

And Become our Legend

We celebrate you like New Life

So 2022 let’s be even, what you say?


Where you feel emptiness

Heart, soul where

Deep inside

When you lost everything

Nothing in the world matters

You smile, you laugh but comes from face

Not from the heart

Never occurred from the soul

Where is happiness?

Not feeling sad not feeling anything

Just waking up and sleeping

Does it happens or it’s me

I am waiting but for what?

I had goal but now doesn’t matter

In the life what really matters?

If you have an answer let me know, I have nothing.

Mother’s Birthday !

My mother, Ohh sweet lord,

She born today…

I should say thanks to you God,

For giving me such a wonderful mother.

Yes, I had/have complains, a lot.

I love her when I was kid, then I don’t love her when I was teen now again I love her…

But in all of this, she always love me, that was mistry for me

But now I am a mother, and that resolved it.

I couldn’t become like my mother but I want her, a little in me.

Love you mom, Happy birthday. ❤️❤️

When I am writing these lines, a lot is going on in my mind. I can not describe her in some words. She is a strong woman. She has seen lots of ups and downs in her life. Always teach us how to hold the raft and don’t let ourselves drown. She is always with me, holding my back and, saying don’t worry about the world I with you.

All the mothers are like that no matter how their kids behave with them, still, they love them. The whole world is against you, but you find your mother with you. That’s the mother ❤️

Funny thing, when I said these lines to my mother, she grabbed my ear and said “you are not that big” After looking at all these, my little one is so happy he said, “Nani is bigger than amma” 😜😍

I am who, Who I am !

Who are you !
A men A women
Does it matter, what does matter,
A human
For whom it matters,
You try, you search
Whom you find
I doubt
You find A mirror,
Mirror who shows
As you are,
Not inside
So where you find yourself,
You close all the inner door long back
Now you are you
As world made you
As socity made you
As you want
Inner you
Let him sleep
Otherwise again he tries some revolution
Why bother world
So I am who,Who I am

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #137

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week. he poste a photo and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.This week I join him.

The image below is from Sarolta Bán Photography.

Here is mine poem

Hold my hand dad, I am too scared,
This is not the world which you told me,
There is no blue sky, there is no beautiful cloud with the sun,
It’s all white but with the smoke,
There is no bird, no nest.
Dad even there is no tree, they are scary with root and sharp teeth.
That is not the world which you told me,
Dad, where all of those things gone,
Who did to that, why that happened?
Was there any monster ?
Yes my son, there was a greedy monster,
Who wants big building but don’t want mountain,
Who wants development but don’t want trees.
That was me, That was us,
Who did that to world.
Let’s keep moving cross this scary,
We are trying to make a new world for you, will reach there soon,
I took you here, to show my mistake, so you don’t do that.

Thanks Fandango for inspiration.

If you like to join this challenge it’s simple. Please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

Hope !

One day all will be good,

One day there will be sun only for you,

One day your hard work will be paid,

One day you get your love,

One day the morning will be happy, the evening will be peaceful,

One day nobody is there to humiliate you,

One day……

When is the One day,

When the wait is done,

When I have Not all, but a little bit….

I am pray for that Day…

God give me that One day, only for one day,

But please let me feel Alive for One day.