Fun in the life #8

We visit grandma and grandpa home for vacations, my kid meets with his cousin after a long time.

Me: baby, share your toys with your cousin

My kid: okay

When I am back no toys there.

Me: Where is all toysπŸ€”

My kid: I hid inside the almirah because baby says please put all the toys inside, I don’t want to play ( baby is 9 months old).

Me: Is it true?

My kid : ask her, she says like mamamama


Since then all are toys only inside the almirah. 😜

If something happens with you, do share. Keep enjoying life😊😊

Brother Sister ! The amazing Relationship

In India we celebrate The Rakhi festival you can say as Brother Sister day, where Sister tie a thread on Brother’s hand and Brother promise her To protect her. ( Life long bodyguard )

Illustration Of Brother And Sister Celebrating Raksha Bandhan Royalty Free  Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 14504611.

I have three brothers, my childhood is little complicated but when I recall time with brothers it was always amazing. We used to fight, fight a lot. Even still if we are in a room after some time we started again. We never agree at one point although we let it go things but never agree, that’s the beauty of this relationship You are not agree with each other Still you are Together. You always have your back no matter what happen.

You got friend when you start going out, but the day you born or your sibling you get a friend. He or she knows you Truly. You have all emotions love, jealous, frustration(it’s your sibling who introduced you with this feeling).

Think about it, you need motherly care or you want girl suggestion who is your first thought It’s Your Sister. you want somebody to protact you like father, but don’t want any restrictions like father who is your Men, Your Brother. That’s the Brother and Sister. Substitute of Mother and Father but without any No word, Without any asking just Be with you and Done. You can share anything with them.

I want this amazing feeling for my son, we decided to have only one kid So I always wonder how can I express this feeling to him, Thanks to god my sister-in-law blessed with cute little princess, the day she born I feel my kid got his best gift for his life. He called her little sister and He called him self Big Brother. He loves her, he was 4 year old when she born, he is soo frightened to touch her. He said I could heart her she is soo tiny. When first time he touch her, he uses his one figure only and said to me ‘Amma See She is happy’. When ever she cries he angry on me. To see them together I have no words for them, like my kid is 4 and she is newborn but still when they are together they know each other. At that day I realized That Emotion you can not express it, you can only feel it.

Brother Meets Sister - Imgur