Brother Sister ! The amazing Relationship

In India we celebrate The Rakhi festival you can say as Brother Sister day, where Sister tie a thread on Brother’s hand and Brother promise her To protect her. ( Life long bodyguard )

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I have three brothers, my childhood is little complicated but when I recall time with brothers it was always amazing. We used to fight, fight a lot. Even still if we are in a room after some time we started again. We never agree at one point although we let it go things but never agree, that’s the beauty of this relationship You are not agree with each other Still you are Together. You always have your back no matter what happen.

You got friend when you start going out, but the day you born or your sibling you get a friend. He or she knows you Truly. You have all emotions love, jealous, frustration(it’s your sibling who introduced you with this feeling).

Think about it, you need motherly care or you want girl suggestion who is your first thought It’s Your Sister. you want somebody to protact you like father, but don’t want any restrictions like father who is your Men, Your Brother. That’s the Brother and Sister. Substitute of Mother and Father but without any No word, Without any asking just Be with you and Done. You can share anything with them.

I want this amazing feeling for my son, we decided to have only one kid So I always wonder how can I express this feeling to him, Thanks to god my sister-in-law blessed with cute little princess, the day she born I feel my kid got his best gift for his life. He called her little sister and He called him self Big Brother. He loves her, he was 4 year old when she born, he is soo frightened to touch her. He said I could heart her she is soo tiny. When first time he touch her, he uses his one figure only and said to me ‘Amma See She is happy’. When ever she cries he angry on me. To see them together I have no words for them, like my kid is 4 and she is newborn but still when they are together they know each other. At that day I realized That Emotion you can not express it, you can only feel it.

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New Blogger

I like to google, I googled everything, everybody do that, at some or other point. when I googled things and read them I realize there are lots of people they like to share their experiences and those experiences are inspiration for others. Sharing the Thoughts how beautiful it is πŸ™‚ .

With this idea I decided to share my thoughts, at first it was a bit scary for me, I question my self who will read me and why they read. Then I though lets give it a try, Nothing to lose πŸ˜‰

When ever I publish my blog I keep checking, Is there any body who read it πŸ˜‰ I feel triumph when ever I got single like, that inspire me to write more, yes being a new blogger it is the most amazing feeling that some body reading you, it may be he does not like it, may be he like it But he is reading you. That gives really different felling and encourage me to try new things.

Really thankful to blogger community who helps me to learn, to grow, to inspire. Being a new blogger it is scary thought for me that What if nobody like my writing but when I publish my first blog and the response it was not that much huge but for me it’s really a amazing. Thank you for accepting me as a part of you.


The Time

Hello, How are you. Since I restarted the blogging, its the longest period that nothing new pop up in my mind. even my husband asked me that you did’t blog any thing new and I gave him simple reason that “I did’t get The Time”.

Is it really true that I am not getting time or I am delaying my self with some excuse. Yes I have a kid, A house arrest husband(WFH πŸ˜‰ ) and complete messy house with my lovely garden and my one only betta. But any of this is stopping me, no Not at all, at least my kid and husband wants me to send the desert island, where I can shout and they don’t have to listen πŸ™‚ So If I am saying I did not get the time I need to blame someone I am The Human I can not except that I am the reason.

That is correct I was little bit occupied but not that much. I did as per the daily routine and this time new things in the To Do list, I should have update my planner instead of that, I was keep doing as per the routine. That was my mistake, I must revise to my plans and accordingly we can make room for other things. It happens with everyone, Sometime we realize and correct it and other time we just keep doing it.

What it feels, as per mine, I feel frustrated because I am not able to complete my To Do list and the pile of pending things increased day by day. I want to finish up but things is not in my hand and then the world famous excuse I am not getting enough time. With all of this I learn two things, Time will not wait for you, So be with the time. and second Stop Excuses and Start Working.

How to utilize the time

Me and my kid during The lockdown

My son is 4 and half and till now I have a beautiful journey with him. The day I conceived till now I am learning, yes First time mother so every single thing is first, for each and everything I had questions, so whenever something happen during the pregnancy and after that (trust me a lot changes happen mentally and physically) I ask, some time I got answers and other time Google is my best friend. πŸ˜‰

I prefer The Learning word now and then. Because I believe everyone is a learner, at any place you are, You are a learner, when you are a individual person you live your life on your terms, no matter what is right or wrong. But when you become parent then whether you like it or not you become a role model. Whatever you do, your kid follow you, So now you can’t chose what to do and what not to.(scary, for me too πŸ˜›) .

For first year of kid life(after kid you don’t have lifeπŸ˜…) being a new parent you try to cope up and learn, there are lots of How in the first year, so you learn, Now you two are together, he knows you but you never know him, whenever you feel you know your kid and boom he did something new, so again learning, basically what I learn with this, It’s never ending, how about that, Make this learning as a fun learning.

If I need to be a role model (which I don’t like it), then let’s make some checkpoints, which gives win win situation.

I want my kid to be disciplined, but what is the meaning of that, he is about to 5 and he wants only play nothing else, he is meant for that, so what else can I expect from him. Disciplined is must and it should start around his age, so I make some ground rules like which is acceptable and which is not Like when my kid wakeup first thing brush without that you can’t come out of the room, applying this one is the hardest one because as he opens his eyes he likes to play. On the dinning table no dancing no funny business, at the time of study no naughty. And the last before sleeping brush. Other then that I say him No but all of them can be acceptable. I told you he knows me but i don’t know him, so daily me and my son have lots of discussions πŸ˜‰ someday I will share too. At this age I called as discipline.

Day by day he is growing and with this pandemic he is stuck in the home and if I make home as a jail so what he will do even kid can not express them selves. We are frustrated in the home so think about him, he wants garden, play area, friends but nothing. He wants to explore. I really feel sad for kids, any how we cope up but poor kids they try to understand but they can’t. So for this I change my self, I am kind of strict mother, but since lockdown started I changed, now I focus on my kid even my family mental health ( In my previous blog I shared for kids physical health), because now we are in close environment we have everything but virtual (still my family follows lock down restrictions) So in that situation being a parents we need to teach kids two main things Survival skills and No matter what is the condition always Be Positive.

For survival skills, everybody has different scenarios according to your geographical location, like for us, my son is dust allergic, heat issues, very sensitive body, So during the corona time we avoid every single thing which triggers any of that, Preventions is Better then Cure. With that concept we are teaching him what and how he needs to avoid those triggers, yes its a lot for him but day by day he is getting used to of it. when ever he feels hot he just come to me and ask for AC or after 10/15 sneeze he ask for nebulizer (which he calls as Mask medicine πŸ˜‰ ). Its good for him to understand his body at least he share with somebody else if I am not available. Scary but we need to make kids strong, yes we are always with them but they need to ready for new changes. My son he knows without mask can not go out and He is good in that, he never take out his mask, same way as we come home he direct go to washroom and wash him self and force us to do the same. Which I love it.

Other then all of the normal teaching, how to behave, how to talk, preschool learning one more thing I am trying to teach my kid is Be Positive, for him I say Be happy, and just focus on Today, learn from yesterday, Make To do list for tomorrow but live for Today. Its difficult for 4 year old to understand what I am saying, so I make an easy way, every single night I ask him what did you learn today, yesterday he told me he learn new word ‘Triumph’ and at other day he said I can make bubbles with mouth πŸ˜‰ so basically I am trying to teach him the concepts of learning from the Today, Not today but yes as he grows he will understand the concept, as for the To do list same I ask him what he is going to do after waking up and he told me whatever in his mind but same as time goes on he will have the real list ( now in his To do list only one thing Playing).

5 year old kid is still a baby, he is trying to understand the world in his ways, he need physically, mental growth and if we have limited recourse and we are having job, then we need a plan how to handle this. earlier kids go to school, they have friends, by watching them a lots of things they learn by them selves, now they have parents only and who is always stopping for everything, don’t do that ,don’t touch that and a lot and all day. So they start denying, my kid says ‘Still I am doing’ and some time I lose my control, some time I let it go, but that is not good, That’s why I came up with this idea, I make check list what is allow what is not and the most important his mental health. I want to make him happy but not stubborn. So here is my checklist as per my kid

  1. As you wakeup finish you washroom things.
  2. On the dining table no funny business.
  3. At the time of study no naughty things.
  4. Brush before sleeping.

Make some rules which gives idea what is accepted and what is not, other then that let him play, where kid can learn most of things, which helps for mental health as well as physical health.

2020 COVID-19 Pandemic kids health

Take Care of Each Other.

Why we need to share

Why Sharing

Welcome… It’s quite long I did not write anything, for me writing is expressing myself. Whenever a new thought pop up I just come here to share with you 😌 that’s the reason I chose my blog as a Thought Fountain, A beautiful flow of thoughts which is never ending.

Today when I was playing with my son and I got his favorite car. suddenly he resist and start fighting with me. he does not like to share his toys not even broken one . So I try to teach him the Concept of Sharing. Being a human most important concept and every single parents try to teach their kids and its good for them, good for society. When I try to explain him what is sharing and how good it is, he is simply denying with his one and only one logic “This Toy belongs to me why I should share”. when I say to him if he share other will share with you, so he replied back I don’t want their I want my toys. At last he wins and I decided to bring this topic at some other day,.

But this all gives me an idea or can say give me a Thought, When we were a kid we learn the same thing and some time we do share, but Think for a minute Do we really believe the concept of sharing. Yes we share, some time we share extra cloth, extra food, what ever we have old/extra/not in use things we just try to give it to some one(Even sharing this things is good, their are a lot of people they need them). We feel good with that, its good, With Nothing at least We are doing Something πŸ™‚ .

I read When we share joy we double the joy and when we share the sorrow we make it half. this is really true, we all experience that, if I talk about my self I was a introvert person, for me its difficut to talk about my fellings, I learn this thing frankly I learned this after my son because I dont want him like me, so I learn to share my self and still I am learing. Sharing joy is easy but sharing pain is difficult, I was/am scared of Judging. But yes when you start to express your self, not to others, to you, you see yourself a True person.

When we say Sharing, so its about everything, what we have we share. We share emotions with love ones, But when it comes to share Knowledge, we dont want to share, its not me its not you, its everyone, every single person does not like to share knowledge, we have insecurity, In work place( it can anything , office, collage, home) we feel if we share our knowledge that reduces the importance.

When ‘A’ join the office he attends all his trainings but still he is struggling, why because colleague does not wants to share all the details, a simple excuse I learn with the effort so ‘A’ also need to be, rather if that guy thinks I learnt with effort so lets share my experienced so ‘A’ will not have struggle and he can learn furthermore instead of try to learn basic. I have lots of example, it happen every where in home, in school, it happened with you, even you did with some body, I did when I was in school, so yes I am also like you.

Does it really true, Sharing Knowledge can reduces the importance, No, not true at all, even not in the workplace, not any other place ,yes it may possible some people can misuse, like you share your knowledge and they take all credit but it can not possible all the time, reason behind is that when you share your experience at that moment you get some new concepts you live that moment again and then you got new prospective for that, like third person, So your knowledge comeback to you in new form and gives the new idea, it happens with me, when ever I write and share something from my life, I see like a third person, which helps me to broaden my thinking.

“Your thinking will always be limited to your own opinions and experience,” says Alexandra Damsker. “So expand your worldview, experience, and opinions as much as possible.” when we share we got different views for the same thing, which gives new ways to look.

Share your knowledge and Enhance to each other. simple but effective, just we need to apply in our life. πŸ™‚

Love to hear you back πŸ™‚

Can you play with me Amma, For Two minute….

When I planed to start writing, there is all different topic in my mind, but as soon as I start, my little one came and said this words to me and then I ended up here πŸ™‚ .

This is the most adorable words which my son says to me always, yes always. I am full time Mother and still my son says to me, can you imagine when he got chance to say that words. I can help, when I cook, when I am cleaning, when I am bathing πŸ˜‰ , when I pic my phone or when ever I about to start something, after all day of playing with him and the moment I about to start he come to me and with his beautiful smile he says

Can you play with me Amma, For two minute, only for two minute please. And trust me when he says this to me, I can’t resist I immediately stop everything and start playing with him. It happens lots of time in a day but I keep enjoying this. I know he is growing fast (as I feel πŸ˜‰ ) and one day he is a big boy, then I am going to miss this tiny winy cute pai.

My mother used to talk about how was I am, when I was kid. she has all my sweet memories but after started my schooling she does not have any thing, whenever i ask she has simple answer that then you become big girl. she has memories, about my schooling achievement but no more that naughty girl moment.

That is the reason I don’t want to miss my son innocent time, the time which is with me always. Yes i do remember his all big things but whenever I site alone and try to remember then the first face is this one with cute smile, naughty eyes and one simple line “Amma can you play with me only for two minute” and after saying this his next line ” And you don’t count the minute” πŸ™‚ .

I never get this innocence again, I just want to live in the moment, i don’t want capture everything in the camera I want to capture in my eyes, in my memory. that’s the way I want to enjoy my Motherhood.

Being a mother, home maker and a women, who wants to achieve something, Some time its really difficult to manage the time, but when I look outside, there are mothers who taking care of kids, office , home everything and then I think I can do it at least I can try. I don’t want to be perfect I just want to be mother.

I always suggest to every new mother or going to mother, enjoy every single moment of motherhood it will never come again, if you miss it, then it’s gong forever. yes we are busy in our life, jobs, responsibilities but still we can get some time, the little one don’t ask for hours, they ask for some moment to laugh and play with you. so just get some time not all day only some time, sit with them and see how cute, how innocent they are, see their views for life, for world, you will be amaze or laugh but trust me my friend you will not lose any thing you will get something, something precious.

I have a lot to say, for me its never ending topic but my monkey wont allow to me, so simple get your best moment with your kid and enjoy every single moment of life.

Enjoying every moment with the toddler.

First is Forever, lets start feel it again

Hello, how are you….. Today I am here to talk about something special, it is special in your life, in my life or you can say it is precious for every body. It is Our First memory. First memory but about what, we have lots of first memorries So here is the thing, we have lots of first memories and we do remember everything about them, every single detail of that memory, we know it. But if I ask what did you eat day before yesturday or what was your 6th job or how was your 10th kiss… πŸ˜‰ you did not gathered all the details. Why…..

First is always with us, Becuase when we did it we feel it in our heart and that becomes memory for us, some time funny some time loving, some time exited but it is with us. When you got your first job, you do remember your first interview, your first salary what you did with that, you have everything with you, no matter how much time passed, but you have it. your first love, first kiss, first adventure, first word of your kid, first time when you saw your kid is doing something walking, crawling …….. long list. So the End story is We have our First memory.

So my question is, We have first memory, we got job, love, kid and then what ? What is Next, Now What, There is very famous quote “When was the last time you did something first time”

John C. Maxwell Quote: β€œWhen was the last time you did something for the first  time?”

Think it and answere to yourself, Why you stop achiving which gives you the First memory. where is that person, who has a lots of first memory but now he is busy, Busy where, in his life. Yes he is fun loving, he do parties, outing but can he say he has new first memory other then old one. Nope, we have no new memory. now either busy in job or kids. yes with kids you have new memory, you are helping them to make their memory but what about you. You stop your self long time back, So now is the time.

PeacebyPiecePuzzles on Twitter | Too late quotes, Never too late quotes,  Latest quotes

Yes it is Never late, just start from Now. At least think about what is the new thing you want to try for the first time and then give it a try. For me some of are funny, some of are good, thing is that I DID IT πŸ™‚ . I always wanted to wakeup at 7 am, I know you will say its not big deal but for me yeah hell big πŸ˜‰ . I know its funny but I want to do that, other then that I started my blog for the first time, Now I have some new memory, and its keep going (Waiting for going out ;)). So guys its never to late, Think and Do it.

Quotes Sayings and Affirmations Positive Quote: Every day is a fresh start.  Each day is a new beginning. Every morn… | New day quotes, The help quotes,  Start quotes

Love to hear you back, what is you NEW FIRST MEMORY.

5 Habits that makes kids healthy

Hello, how are you.. During this pandemic this is very vital question. I am a mother of a 4 year old and since this virus came to us, I started thinking about only one thing….. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO PROTECT MY KID.

This is the question, which is for every single parents, trust me guys when I heard about the covid virus very first time, started to see affected count on the TV, I feel helpless. please don’t laugh but yes I started to watch movies based on survival. I googled, I started to pray, I make my family for exercise. you just name it and I did that. With all of this thing I learned one thing which is most important and that is our IMMUNITY. And yes you will agree with me, you also see a lot during this pandemic.

Immunity help us to fight back with any virus whether it is corona or any thing else. when I realize that then I start working. my first goal was what to do, then how to do with my kid. My kid is extremally dust allergic and hyperactive.

I did remember one of incident where I was in the hospital for three days and my son is continuously coughing, not for a single minute he stop, that makes me miserable. So I decided I don’t want any thing like that during this pandemic, I started googled and I got something. With my kid I try and with god grace it some how work.

Today I want to share same thing, I feel I am not alone who feels that feeling. there are other kids parents who has same issue, why not , may be with this sharing they got any idea.

Let’s Get Start

1. Makes Kid Lung Strong

Yes its right, for immunity bosting first thing makes kid lung strong so he can have oxygen a lot oxygen. which is most important.

How you do that, Exercise if kid is happy to do that, if no then running, jumping games which he loves. even the simplest way is make the kid laugh. as much as he laugh, he will get strong lung. we do dance, with funny faces and we do on every Friday Now my son reminds me for that πŸ™‚

It gives you family time/happy time /fun time, whatever you call but trust me you get a lot with that.

The best and easiest Tiktok dances to learn with your family

2. Mental health

Think about, our kid who loves to run in the park, who loves his friends and one day you just say him, now you are not allowed to go out, if you want to go out you need to wear mask, use sanitizer. That poor one denying in the same way as he used to deny for broccoli. he is thinking nothing happen my mummy will again let it go, she will come but not with angry or not with any terms. he does not know this time he needs to do that whether he likes or not he has to do. he cry, he fight back ,but in the end he accept it. Now he has no friend everything is virtual, No outdoor, all day stopping don’t do that don’t do this…. just thing about his frustration.

My little one has the same issue, What I did, first I try to understand the problem, what he wants, I know when we have office hours, we don’t have time to think about that, But try not on weekday, you can try on weekend, give them time, ask what they want, Like mine only wants to play, So I got some games which I can play and work together, When I cook I take him with me. He loves messing with flour or cutting vegetables.

Try your ways, Nothing is better than something.

mother and children playing | Mother and child, Kids playing, Fun  activities for kids

3. Eat Healthy

Most difficult task in the world, kids like to eat but not healthy food, They only want to eat junk. My little one loves chips all the time, no yogurt, no vegetable, no nuts nothing. Being a parent we always want kid to be healthy but they do not want to eat healthy.

What I do my kid wants to eat chips, chocolate So I started deal with my kid and My deal is like if my kid finish yogurt and pancake then he get one chocolate. It works for me. You know your kid so you know how you make him eat.

Try google you will get all the diet chart, as per the age you can find your chart and apply.

4. Love and affection

Yes, you will think I love my kid so much, so why I need that. Of course you love your kid but when you say to him. Showing your love to your kid is important but in todays life style we don’t have time, some time I feel guilty even I am not working, I am house wife But being a house wife I have responsibilities so for that I could not make time for my kid and at the time of sleeping I feel regret. yes some of you think that how I understand the feeling of working mother so trust me guys I being there and because of my guilty I can not start working. Now I cope of with all of that guilt feeling, I used baby steps but yes it worked πŸ™‚ .

I use this lockdown as a opportunity to connect with my kid, I make a small routine with my kid that is morning and night routine. Every morning no matter how much I am busy I wake up my kid and we play at least for half hour in the bed same way Night routine I personally make him sleep and talk and play with him. That gives him assurance that yes he can talk. during night routing some time he said those thing which I never expect from him, he shares him self.

Kid only wants love and affection, Nothing else.

Cute little kid playing with his mother on bed | Noun Project

5. Sleep

How much relief when we heard this word, kid is sound sleeping and you have all your time without any disturbance, without any thing else in your mind. Is this really possible, no not at all 😦 mine is never ever like to sleep, that makes him crying frustrating.

Yes for healthy body, we need to sleep as we need to eat, exercise. Enough sleep makes body stress free. you know what if you don’t get sufficient sleep that affect your brain nervous. So sleeping is must, As usual its healthy habit and kid does not want it πŸ˜‰ . they want to play, they want phone.

I use music, that is since the day he born. This is one song which becomes his habit now, when ever he listen the song he understand that this is the time for sleep. Yes it takes a lot effort to make the song as a sleepy song but I am happy I did that.

Peaceful night sleep, a little nap time is very important for kid, same as play, eat or any thing else.

10 Effective Tips on How to Make Your Child Sleep Fast

Thanks for taking out little time for your little. Please do share if you have any new ideas, I love to hear that. Always open for New Learning πŸ™‚

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

This is my first blog and I was little afraid to start my own blog. Finally I start it and here I am with you.

I named my blog as Fountain because I believe thoughts are just like fountain, every single second we have new thought which give a feeling and gone bushhhhh. that feeling is just like sprinkle from fountain.

You know every body has lots of thoughts even babies has that, every one has there own way to react on that, the best way to react on thought is just let them come and go, specially the negative one. Its a bit funny that being a human we focus on negative thought rather then the positive thoughts, So now question is how we neglect negative and focus on positive thought. Its really simple which work for me, when ever I have thought I just write it down any where phone, note book or you can pretend to be write even that work too, so if its negative thought once you write it down its gone from thought que I know It seems funny but try and I am sure it will work.

Best of luck and share with me its work for you or not.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton