Daughter’s Day

The fourth Sunday of September, dedicated to the Daughters, Happy Daughter’s Day.

Surprisingly, I did not know about that. Today in the morning I got messages from my mother and uncles, and it was the first time šŸ˜› But I was so happy, more than my birthday wishes. In my community, being a daughter is a different thing. especially as per the society, and my family is a part of that. (They love me šŸ™‚ ) . My mother never differentiates between my brother and me. My mother prefers me more than my brother, but when social norms come into the picture, she is a part of that. So now you get that why and how much I am happy.

I have a cute boy and love him so much. For me, son or daughter both are the same. They can do the same thing. The difference which I can say is boys need to teach the feelings, emotions, and girls are born with that. Other than that, I don’t see anything. So at my place, I am happy, and yeah I want a baby girl which I got from my sister-in-law so now I have a girl and boy šŸ˜Š.

Son or Daughter does it matters at the end of the day they are your kid. In other countries they mean it but in India still, there is a problem, yes we are well educated, our girls are on the moon but still when we talk about kids, everyone wants a son, if the first child is a girl then everyone asking for next try, So you can have boy, funny but true. We believe the son carries forward the family name, and after marriage, girls belong to another family.

When girls marry and go to another family, they say she comes from a different family. She doesn’t get much respect there too, as they believe, because of the son the daughter-in-law is here. So again, the same loop. If you try to figure out the problem, there are lots of reasons some will say men’s society, some say because of men ego, okay right but deep down when the man was a kid, and he saw, the way his family treating to his sister or their thinking towards the girls, so he learns that. Even most of the time, women treat the girls in poor ways. Then who’s fault is this.

I know it’s not good thinking, but we have it. Now some of us are standing and opposing this concept. I admire and want to thanks them. We start the change, and our next generation will be proud. Son or Daughter both carry the family name. We are the ones who make society so together we can stand for our daughters, at that day we don’t need to celebrate one day for daughters, then all days for them. We can do one more thing, treat our daughter-in-law as a daughter. With that change in two places, we make women strong. She does not need to fight back in the home.Ā 

A Daughter is a Future Strong Women. Treat both daughter and son in the same way, and we don’t need to teach sons how to respect women, and the girl doesn’t need protection. Equality gives you what you want to achieve.

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