What matters Effort or Result

Effort or Result. Which is Better. Some of you believe in Results, and some say Effort, and others think If you don’t put in your efforts, how you will achieve. There are lots of Prospective and never-ending debates. The question is how I come up with this idea. It comes from my daily jobs πŸ˜‰ .My husband and I have a little hot discussion about my son’s habits. I was telling him that when he writes, he needs to try to make it good, my husband suggesting that At least he is writing, and I should appreciate him. I told him that there is no denying his efforts. If he is learning writing, so put it in a way, he gets good handwriting. What is the purpose of work if you don’t get the desired result? So we come up with the Thought that I am a Result believer and my husband is Effort. (My kid was watching TV without any clue πŸ˜‰ ).

After that, our discussion ends, How our son is going to learn writing is still unclear, but at least we two come up with something πŸ˜‰ .

It gives me a thought, which one is the better way because this is everywhere, whatever you do it needs the same concept. I go with the Result-based thinking :

  • Result-based thinking gives you a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Accordingly, you can decide your efforts. Everyone wants their own house, so they work, save and try to get it.
  • With this thinking, you can make plans, timeline. You need to write a blog, plan your topic, do some research and start your work. Yeah, It can be extended but not forever.
  • As per the objective, you can analyze your work. after revisiting, you can make it right if something goes wrong. As Software engineers, Testers know what they want to achieve, and they work towards that. When they feel the development is not on track, they revise it.
  • Setting your efforts towards your goal encourage you. Without aim, at a certain point, you can be lost. Think about Football, players kick the ball towards the goal, so it’s fun. Now you say kick but no goal. Then what is the point of using muscles? 
  • You have a Goal, plan, timeline then you work accordingly. It helps you to find out your capacity.

Now Effort based thinking, if you are the person who concentrates on Efforts rather than Result so :

  • The Best example is Doctors. They put all their efforts into saving patients without knowing the outcome. we must be thankful for them.
  • Soldiers fight for us. They fight until they win or die, no time frame.
  • Having this perspective, you have your goal, and working hard for that now doesn’t matter when you achieve it. Like Scientists, they are doing a great job, but they work like this way. They put their 100% and keep working for new inventions. Sometimes get it, sometimes it takes years. Nobody knows the time frame.
  • When you put in work, you get to experience here you have no time frame, you trying new ways which open all your doors.

When your hard work pays nothing, then at someplace you lose track, you give up. Sometimes you are bored. But the same way, you keep thinking about results, then you never try a new way. Both have their pros and cons.

The only thing which is not good with results-based is “Achiever is the Hero” Nobody knows your name if you don’t win the race. Then What about efforts, Put all your efforts into achieving the goal and could not make it. You are not in the winning zone. That’s not fair with the person who puts all his efforts, deserves appreciation. No doubt the winner gets the reward with that the person who put efforts must be recognizable.

I admire Result-based thinking but would like to praise The Effort. Effort leads somewhere either towards Goal or lifetime ExperienceOthers Effort inspires you.

Efforts Vs Result.
Picture is from my garden, Effort and Result.

3 thoughts on “What matters Effort or Result

    1. Thank you dear for giving your timeπŸ€— its also good approach as per the situation we are dealing then in that case we are in win win situation, effort and result both are in place.

      You gave me new view πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ

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