Crying allowed ?

When you cry, that doesn’t mean you are weak. Crying is another emotion which we need to let it go, yes crying is also good therapy for healing specially emotional healing.

What would happen if you don’t cry, first we need to understand when we want to cry, something which heart us deeply and we know nothing we can do to make it right, that’s the moment we feel cry like breakup, fail in exam something like that. Everybody has their own reasons, but we always says crying is not the solution, But Some time crying is the Solution.

You know the First cry of a baby, that cry helps him breath outside of womb very first time, that helps to clear extra fluid from his lungs, mouth and nose. Baby express everything with the cry hungry, sleepy, need attention everything. It’s fact after crying baby sleep calmly.

Crying helps to reduce the stress, when you cry lots of chemical reactions happen and with the tears they relies, in general terms when we cry everything is out. You get rid of that blue feeling. As tears moving out with that you feel relief. Once your all stress gone, you see the clear picture, you have clear thoughts.

What’s the harm in that, women cry a lot, world wide fact, they are emotional and they express it. if you see heart attack ratio men vs women, then men in danger zone. Men and women both have stress but women cry, they overcome with that, but men don’t, At certain point you need to get rid of your stress otherwise it start affecting your health.

I am not saying cry for everything, but if your tear is coming out don’t stop them. Let them flow, they do magic after they all finished, you feel stress free. That relief is the most important. Don’t think about anybody, what others think if you cry, it’s not your concern, your concern is your self. If you cry, you are not loser, instead of that you are brave, you are letting out your emotions and then you know how to deal with them.

So you tell me which is better way feel frustrated and don’t know what to do Or with clear mind chose your next move. Choice is all yours. emotion is the thing which we need to express, we can express happiness why not that blue one.

If you want to cry, cry alone, cry on some body shoulder, but let it out. Don’t say to your kid that “Don’t cry ” teach them how to handle the emotions. When I look around this New generation does not know how to express the emotions, what to do during the blue days.

My 4 year old says that his father can not see him when he is crying, I am trying to figure it out where did he learn this concept but now he learnt and I need to teach him opposite (I have daily New challenges) currently I don’t know how I will explain him but surely I will do that.

We need to make our next generation strong, specially emotionally strong, I am sure we can do together, with little efforts and lots of understanding.

When your tears out you can see the world with the prospective.
It’s my balcony view.

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