Who you are !

It’s quite interesting question, Who you are ? Did you ever try to find yourself or you go with the flow. The way life is moving and you are sitting in the boat , Never try in opposite direction of stream.

When you try upstream, you will figure out how world treat you, it’s true if you are with downstream, as per the people, you are a right person but in otherwise you are odd men out.

Why, because you are trying something which is off the book, that’s not allowed.

When you try to find your self, you need to go through lots of up and downs like river rafting, you have a good upbringing with the same rule book, now you are in the way where you are opposing the rule book with your new logics, At that moment you are fighting with yourself, with the world and you are all alone who has paddle. That’s call Life on adventure.

People has same thinking regardless of place, a simple example I belive men and women are same there is no difference, both earn, both take care of family, both are achivers but in society that’s not the fect, yes they treat you same but when it come for decision then it’s men oriented.you can experience at any place in your home, in you work place every where. Even there is term Men Igo, why can’t women has Igo 😛 So when you behave like that way, you are odd men out. That’s our book, we got this idea like default one.we don’t want to pass on our kids but they get that.

I have other example kid gets father feature, it feel good but when kid is looking like mother still he gets, that you have father feature, offcourse with mother father 50 50 kid is here 100 percent so he get both them. Why only father feature. When I says this, I am the person who doesn’t know how to reply on comment or I am disrespecting. But why, if someone talking about my kid so I have full rights to answer him, how I am disrespecting Because I am not accepting what he is saying. That’s the way people think about you.

You are good person, you help everyone regardless of thier behaviour towards to you, but still you are in bad list because you are driving opposite the flow.

That’s why I said you can find true you, true friends,true lover whenever you drive the boat in upstream. Choice is yours. I tried I get it, it’s hard but worth to do.

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