The Time

Hello, How are you. Since I restarted the blogging, its the longest period that nothing new pop up in my mind. even my husband asked me that you did’t blog any thing new and I gave him simple reason that “I did’t get The Time”.

Is it really true that I am not getting time or I am delaying my self with some excuse. Yes I have a kid, A house arrest husband(WFH 😉 ) and complete messy house with my lovely garden and my one only betta. But any of this is stopping me, no Not at all, at least my kid and husband wants me to send the desert island, where I can shout and they don’t have to listen 🙂 So If I am saying I did not get the time I need to blame someone I am The Human I can not except that I am the reason.

That is correct I was little bit occupied but not that much. I did as per the daily routine and this time new things in the To Do list, I should have update my planner instead of that, I was keep doing as per the routine. That was my mistake, I must revise to my plans and accordingly we can make room for other things. It happens with everyone, Sometime we realize and correct it and other time we just keep doing it.

What it feels, as per mine, I feel frustrated because I am not able to complete my To Do list and the pile of pending things increased day by day. I want to finish up but things is not in my hand and then the world famous excuse I am not getting enough time. With all of this I learn two things, Time will not wait for you, So be with the time. and second Stop Excuses and Start Working.

How to utilize the time

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