Why we need to share

Why Sharing

Welcome… It’s quite long I did not write anything, for me writing is expressing myself. Whenever a new thought pop up I just come here to share with you 😌 that’s the reason I chose my blog as a Thought Fountain, A beautiful flow of thoughts which is never ending.

Today when I was playing with my son and I got his favorite car. suddenly he resist and start fighting with me. he does not like to share his toys not even broken one . So I try to teach him the Concept of Sharing. Being a human most important concept and every single parents try to teach their kids and its good for them, good for society. When I try to explain him what is sharing and how good it is, he is simply denying with his one and only one logic “This Toy belongs to me why I should share”. when I say to him if he share other will share with you, so he replied back I don’t want their I want my toys. At last he wins and I decided to bring this topic at some other day,.

But this all gives me an idea or can say give me a Thought, When we were a kid we learn the same thing and some time we do share, but Think for a minute Do we really believe the concept of sharing. Yes we share, some time we share extra cloth, extra food, what ever we have old/extra/not in use things we just try to give it to some one(Even sharing this things is good, their are a lot of people they need them). We feel good with that, its good, With Nothing at least We are doing Something πŸ™‚ .

I read When we share joy we double the joy and when we share the sorrow we make it half. this is really true, we all experience that, if I talk about my self I was a introvert person, for me its difficut to talk about my fellings, I learn this thing frankly I learned this after my son because I dont want him like me, so I learn to share my self and still I am learing. Sharing joy is easy but sharing pain is difficult, I was/am scared of Judging. But yes when you start to express your self, not to others, to you, you see yourself a True person.

When we say Sharing, so its about everything, what we have we share. We share emotions with love ones, But when it comes to share Knowledge, we dont want to share, its not me its not you, its everyone, every single person does not like to share knowledge, we have insecurity, In work place( it can anything , office, collage, home) we feel if we share our knowledge that reduces the importance.

When ‘A’ join the office he attends all his trainings but still he is struggling, why because colleague does not wants to share all the details, a simple excuse I learn with the effort so ‘A’ also need to be, rather if that guy thinks I learnt with effort so lets share my experienced so ‘A’ will not have struggle and he can learn furthermore instead of try to learn basic. I have lots of example, it happen every where in home, in school, it happened with you, even you did with some body, I did when I was in school, so yes I am also like you.

Does it really true, Sharing Knowledge can reduces the importance, No, not true at all, even not in the workplace, not any other place ,yes it may possible some people can misuse, like you share your knowledge and they take all credit but it can not possible all the time, reason behind is that when you share your experience at that moment you get some new concepts you live that moment again and then you got new prospective for that, like third person, So your knowledge comeback to you in new form and gives the new idea, it happens with me, when ever I write and share something from my life, I see like a third person, which helps me to broaden my thinking.

“Your thinking will always be limited to your own opinions and experience,” says Alexandra Damsker. “So expand your worldview, experience, and opinions as much as possible.” when we share we got different views for the same thing, which gives new ways to look.

Share your knowledge and Enhance to each other. simple but effective, just we need to apply in our life. πŸ™‚

Love to hear you back πŸ™‚

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