First is Forever, lets start feel it again

Hello, how are you….. Today I am here to talk about something special, it is special in your life, in my life or you can say it is precious for every body. It is Our First memory. First memory but about what, we have lots of first memorries So here is the thing, we have lots of first memories and we do remember everything about them, every single detail of that memory, we know it. But if I ask what did you eat day before yesturday or what was your 6th job or how was your 10th kiss… 😉 you did not gathered all the details. Why…..

First is always with us, Becuase when we did it we feel it in our heart and that becomes memory for us, some time funny some time loving, some time exited but it is with us. When you got your first job, you do remember your first interview, your first salary what you did with that, you have everything with you, no matter how much time passed, but you have it. your first love, first kiss, first adventure, first word of your kid, first time when you saw your kid is doing something walking, crawling …….. long list. So the End story is We have our First memory.

So my question is, We have first memory, we got job, love, kid and then what ? What is Next, Now What, There is very famous quote “When was the last time you did something first time”

John C. Maxwell Quote: “When was the last time you did something for the first  time?”

Think it and answere to yourself, Why you stop achiving which gives you the First memory. where is that person, who has a lots of first memory but now he is busy, Busy where, in his life. Yes he is fun loving, he do parties, outing but can he say he has new first memory other then old one. Nope, we have no new memory. now either busy in job or kids. yes with kids you have new memory, you are helping them to make their memory but what about you. You stop your self long time back, So now is the time.

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Yes it is Never late, just start from Now. At least think about what is the new thing you want to try for the first time and then give it a try. For me some of are funny, some of are good, thing is that I DID IT 🙂 . I always wanted to wakeup at 7 am, I know you will say its not big deal but for me yeah hell big 😉 . I know its funny but I want to do that, other then that I started my blog for the first time, Now I have some new memory, and its keep going (Waiting for going out ;)). So guys its never to late, Think and Do it.

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Love to hear you back, what is you NEW FIRST MEMORY.

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