5 Habits that makes kids healthy

Hello, how are you.. During this pandemic this is very vital question. I am a mother of a 4 year old and since this virus came to us, I started thinking about only one thing….. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO PROTECT MY KID.

This is the question, which is for every single parents, trust me guys when I heard about the covid virus very first time, started to see affected count on the TV, I feel helpless. please don’t laugh but yes I started to watch movies based on survival. I googled, I started to pray, I make my family for exercise. you just name it and I did that. With all of this thing I learned one thing which is most important and that is our IMMUNITY. And yes you will agree with me, you also see a lot during this pandemic.

Immunity help us to fight back with any virus whether it is corona or any thing else. when I realize that then I start working. my first goal was what to do, then how to do with my kid. My kid is extremally dust allergic and hyperactive.

I did remember one of incident where I was in the hospital for three days and my son is continuously coughing, not for a single minute he stop, that makes me miserable. So I decided I don’t want any thing like that during this pandemic, I started googled and I got something. With my kid I try and with god grace it some how work.

Today I want to share same thing, I feel I am not alone who feels that feeling. there are other kids parents who has same issue, why not , may be with this sharing they got any idea.

Let’s Get Start

1. Makes Kid Lung Strong

Yes its right, for immunity bosting first thing makes kid lung strong so he can have oxygen a lot oxygen. which is most important.

How you do that, Exercise if kid is happy to do that, if no then running, jumping games which he loves. even the simplest way is make the kid laugh. as much as he laugh, he will get strong lung. we do dance, with funny faces and we do on every Friday Now my son reminds me for that 🙂

It gives you family time/happy time /fun time, whatever you call but trust me you get a lot with that.

The best and easiest Tiktok dances to learn with your family

2. Mental health

Think about, our kid who loves to run in the park, who loves his friends and one day you just say him, now you are not allowed to go out, if you want to go out you need to wear mask, use sanitizer. That poor one denying in the same way as he used to deny for broccoli. he is thinking nothing happen my mummy will again let it go, she will come but not with angry or not with any terms. he does not know this time he needs to do that whether he likes or not he has to do. he cry, he fight back ,but in the end he accept it. Now he has no friend everything is virtual, No outdoor, all day stopping don’t do that don’t do this…. just thing about his frustration.

My little one has the same issue, What I did, first I try to understand the problem, what he wants, I know when we have office hours, we don’t have time to think about that, But try not on weekday, you can try on weekend, give them time, ask what they want, Like mine only wants to play, So I got some games which I can play and work together, When I cook I take him with me. He loves messing with flour or cutting vegetables.

Try your ways, Nothing is better than something.

mother and children playing | Mother and child, Kids playing, Fun  activities for kids

3. Eat Healthy

Most difficult task in the world, kids like to eat but not healthy food, They only want to eat junk. My little one loves chips all the time, no yogurt, no vegetable, no nuts nothing. Being a parent we always want kid to be healthy but they do not want to eat healthy.

What I do my kid wants to eat chips, chocolate So I started deal with my kid and My deal is like if my kid finish yogurt and pancake then he get one chocolate. It works for me. You know your kid so you know how you make him eat.

Try google you will get all the diet chart, as per the age you can find your chart and apply.

4. Love and affection

Yes, you will think I love my kid so much, so why I need that. Of course you love your kid but when you say to him. Showing your love to your kid is important but in todays life style we don’t have time, some time I feel guilty even I am not working, I am house wife But being a house wife I have responsibilities so for that I could not make time for my kid and at the time of sleeping I feel regret. yes some of you think that how I understand the feeling of working mother so trust me guys I being there and because of my guilty I can not start working. Now I cope of with all of that guilt feeling, I used baby steps but yes it worked 🙂 .

I use this lockdown as a opportunity to connect with my kid, I make a small routine with my kid that is morning and night routine. Every morning no matter how much I am busy I wake up my kid and we play at least for half hour in the bed same way Night routine I personally make him sleep and talk and play with him. That gives him assurance that yes he can talk. during night routing some time he said those thing which I never expect from him, he shares him self.

Kid only wants love and affection, Nothing else.

Cute little kid playing with his mother on bed | Noun Project

5. Sleep

How much relief when we heard this word, kid is sound sleeping and you have all your time without any disturbance, without any thing else in your mind. Is this really possible, no not at all 😦 mine is never ever like to sleep, that makes him crying frustrating.

Yes for healthy body, we need to sleep as we need to eat, exercise. Enough sleep makes body stress free. you know what if you don’t get sufficient sleep that affect your brain nervous. So sleeping is must, As usual its healthy habit and kid does not want it 😉 . they want to play, they want phone.

I use music, that is since the day he born. This is one song which becomes his habit now, when ever he listen the song he understand that this is the time for sleep. Yes it takes a lot effort to make the song as a sleepy song but I am happy I did that.

Peaceful night sleep, a little nap time is very important for kid, same as play, eat or any thing else.

10 Effective Tips on How to Make Your Child Sleep Fast

Thanks for taking out little time for your little. Please do share if you have any new ideas, I love to hear that. Always open for New Learning 🙂

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