How I am going to be Happy…

Happy… what is happiness, you are here that does not mean you are not happy, you are here because you want something extra. So think about,  what is that extra, it may be wealth, health or The perfect life partner, it can be anything. Here I am not promising for wealth, health especially not for The perfect one, then what ?


That is really big question How I am going to Happy, first need to understand why we are not happy with current situation, I can understand Life is full of struggle, every one has its own issue, since childhood we have issues you can count them ,every age we have something which bother like a hell, on that certain point that was the biggest problem of life like when in school, teachers and homework, when in collage so degree with good marks then job then boss and so on …. what I count here  that are really basic problems, you know, today I choose another topic but rather then I am writing on this because its funny story still I will share with you today my house’s main door jammed and I was stuck in side the house, I have no plan to go out still I take it as challenge to open that jammed door so I did everything to open it, after two or three hour I open it and then I feel relaxed, the funny part is that it was not jammed it was half locked because I forget keys there  which I knew, So instead of wasting my time there  I can use that time with my family or can watch my favorite show. what is the easy way to open that lock,  call neighbor and they will open in minutes.

So the point is every day we face same kind of problems some small some big and some we make big, but in this world every problem has solution just need to think. only you can solve your problem other can give  you courage, suggestion but final decision is yours which can be your solution. But with that problems we forget to enjoy the happy moment of life which makes us happy, that moments are very small but trust me if  you start to enjoy them every day you have best moment in your life. it can be any thing when you come home from work and meet your family or you starting your day  suddenly radio start your favorite song, you find a very beautiful face or handsome guy in train, Just look around and you will find it just look.

Now we have answer for happiness nothing need to do the only thing we can do is, in between the issues problems or big big problems Don’t forget to enjoy small cute funny things don’t give up with your smile and don’t wait for big happy thing because with happiness, I believe in form of EMI small but in continue form.


Enjoy every minute of your life time will not back so Be happy and do share your comments.

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